Split Series # 3 TEAR TALK / DEATH MASKS

Image of Split Series # 3 TEAR TALK / DEATH MASKS


Limited to 100 black vinyl style CD
3 Exclusive songs each by TEAR TALK (Liverpool, UK) & DEATH MASKS (Merseyside, UK).

Limited edition CD. Sleeve by ACD SLEEVE. Black vinyl style CD

3 Exclusive songs each by two of the finest young bands from the UK. TEAR TALK (Bleeding Gold Records) give you three slow, touching yet hypnotic and captivating tracks. Beautifully bleak but overwhelmingly charming TEAR TALK take the lo-fi approach without losing any quality to their songs, If anything it enhances the listening experience. TEAR TALK have released 1 EP and 7" single through San Diego (USA) Bleeding Gold Records. We recommend you seek them out.
DEATH MASKS have stepped it up on this release. A sound that brings to mind the wonderful indie of the late 80s/early 90s. Touches of shoegaze that shimmer through scratchy guitar hooks. Lush production captures DEATH MASKS dark brooding pop songs perfectly. Death Masks previous work can be downloaded for FREE from our bandcamp

1.Tear Talk - As You Were 04:54
2.Tear Talk - XXY 04:53
3.Tear Talk - Put It To Bed 03:14
4.Death Masks - Solutions 03:43
5.Death Masks - What I See 03:21
6.Death Masks - Who Built The Walls? 05:39